Spark Your Spirit

Have you: 

Forgotten what it was like to be the positive, fun-spirited person that used to laugh all the time?

Been feeling overworked, constantly rushing around and feeling less than energetic?

Does it take a few cups of rocket fuel to get you to the point of feeling human in the morning?

Want an action plan that can deliver results in 5 minutes a day?

Are you ready to ignite your spirit, have more pep in your step, and learn how to tap into your intuitive abundance?

Then you have arrived at the perfect place!


Hi, I’m Michelle Matthews, wellness warrior and liberator for fellow freedom seekers ready to access their unique key that unlocks the door too effortless weight loss, endless energy, and abundant health & happiness.  If you are ready to ditch the diets, bring your body back into balance and learn all my secrets for looking and feeling fabulous then you are in the right place, and I am thrilled to have you here! Not only will you change your relationship with food, but you will feel more alive and empowered about how to fuel your body and mind so that it is nourished on a physical AND a soul level!

Are you ready to:

Ignite the spark in your spirit?

Welcome balance back to your overworked body and mind?

Feel peaceful and happy in your heart?

Bring the twinkle back into your eyes, and the magic back into your heart & your life?

Open up your energy centers and tap into your intuitive abundance & infinite wisdom?


Introducing the 7 Day Course & Action Guide you’ve been waiting for!


 Imagine what it would be like to…

  • Be the best version of yourself possible
  • Wake up excited to start the day
  • Love your body
  • Feel happy in your heart and excited about being on your perfect path
  • Feel more confident in the way you look and feel
  • Know the high-vibrational foods that will support you in being the best version of you
  • Sleep like a baby


What’s Included In Your Free Program & Action Guide?


  • A downloadable beautiful guide, yours to keep, journal in and refer back to
  • 5 minute daily meditations to clean and balance the energy in your chakras, and help you tap into your intuitive abundance
  • Yoga poses to wake up the energy in each of your chakras
  • Food suggestions and yummy recipes to raise your energetic vibration
  • Daily email support from me to guide you along the way, with gentle nudges and cheering on
  • A private Facebook group to meet like-minded people, answer your burning questions, and be sprinkled with some unexpected surprises.



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