Happy Clients


“My session with Michelle has blown me wide open.  I work with energy all the time, but to have someone who has the gift of reading chakras in this way and providing me with this guidance and information is incredibly powerful.  I have had something I had been struggling with for the past few weeks, and during Michelle’s session, everything became clear and I suddenly was able to receive the message of what I was holding onto and was able to finally let it go.  I am so grateful for this exchange and highly recommend everyone try it. Thank you Michelle for a glimpse into my divine expansive self.” Katie Kozlowski, NYC, www.playwithkatiek.com


“I feel like a completely different person after just one session.Andrewcircle I am more confident, less stressed and I amstarting to feel more creative in all areas of my life.  I feel like I have more of a purpose and look forward to working with Michelle even more to see what else we can uncover and let go of!  Michelle is without a doubt an expert in her field with a passion to help others and I highly recommend working with her as it will likely change your life as much as it has mine!”, Andrew, San Diego, CA


Sometimes I start to feel my energy Laura_allahverdi-circleshift and instead of things flowing, it can feel like I am hitting a brick wall over and over again. Michelle’s session came at the exact right time! With the type of work I do, I can really feel people’s energies and sometimes I pick some up that I don’t want. When going through the session with Michelle, I felt like I was giving a treat to my soul! She is such a beautiful person and really guided me beautifully to see where attention was needed in my life. It was like wow! She also taught me a lot about my chakras and did some healing work to open them up and make them expansive as well as gave me some follow up work that was so helpful too. Within a day I felt so much better. I felt right back in the flow, and new opportunities, people and business came rushing right back to me. I’m writing this 3 days later and feel so amazing. I can’t even describe the clarity I got around my next steps. Where I was super foggy, I suddenly became more clear. I would really recommend Michelle if you need some healing, clarity and want to give yourself an amazing treat! Thanks Michelle for doing your brilliant work on me 🙂 Laura Ann Allahverdi, life coach, strategist, www.lauraslifecoahing.com


Before I participated in Michelle’s detox, I was stuck in whMariaAllen2at felt like a perpetual snag of habitual behavior.Michelle offered a compassionate and direct way to assist each of us in excavating at the source of the issue we desired to change. From that clarity, I applied simple yet strong tools to reset my cravings (physical and other) and stepped into a cleaner, clearer, happier version of myself.  Maria Allen, Connecticut




“Michelle’s chakra tune-up was spot on. I was stuck in a little burnout this fall after leaving a very intense experience at the beginning of last summer. The day after our session I was surprised (but perhaps shouldn’t have been) to have 4 or 5 things I’ve been working on manifesting pop up out of the blue. That was very exciting and I felt connected. I’m also gaining more clarity and focus everyday which is welcome.”


I can not tell you how much better I feel mentally this time around! Last detox I noticed changes physically (no Nina2more bloating, better breath and so on. Those symptoms are still gone by the way!) I just feel so much clearer and alert. My mood is 10x better. At night I would just get so moody and emotional at times and that has not happened once since I started the program. That’s a huge change for me. My sleep is less interrupted and improved. This may sound crazy, but the biggest thing I noticed is my heightened sense of intuition has returned…that feeling of knowing something is going to happen and then it does, or thinking about someone and they make an appearance somehow, all those little things. I thought I had lost it but this revived it. It truly amazes me that just by eating cleanly your mental state completely changes! Nina, Connecticut

 I truly did not know what to expect when I met with Michelle. I found her

MamaCharcircle explanation of things to come quite intriguing. She first addressed my chakras. Without knowing the challenges of my life, she honed in on my chakras. Her assessment of my chakras was precise and very enlightening. She was able to open all my chakras to optimal flow. After she assessed my chakras, she performed a Reiki healing. Sitting quietly, I felt a warmth covering my head and flowing down my body. The warmth turned into a tingling sensation, getting very intense at my feet. Once she and I reconnected I told her of my experience and much to my surprise she told me she had spent a lot of time at my feet. I found the experience to be quite satisfying and comforting. Will most definitely connect with Michelle Matthews and her gifts. Mama Char, #1 International Best Selling and Award Winning Author, Speaker, Radio Host and Angel Card Reader


“I feel great and have no interest in stopping. I’ve become a juice addict!! Thanks for the wonderful program, I am down more than 10 pounds and I FEEL GREAT!” DP

“Many, many thanks, Michelle! Your materials and recipes as well as your attention are exceptional!” KF

“This has been such a great learning experience for me and has gotten me really excited to try new foods/recipes and feel better eliminating ones that I now see have such an adverse affect on me. It’s also really nice to be able to eat and not feel guilty about what I’m eating. Went to a fundraiser dinner last night and a family gathering today and stayed on track (even stayed away from wine, which I usually enjoy at social events), not feeling deprived, but happy about the way I am taking care of myself. I took off 3 lbs. this week and feel a lot better physically and emotionally. I am a little apprehensive to start adding foods back, and there are many that I don’t plan to add back. Thank you, Michelle, for your invaluable information and all of your wonderful support, and everyone in this FB group who took this journey with me and shared their experiences along the way. xo” KB

“Thank you again Michelle. I did have quinoa for lunch today (which I love) and am planning to continue on this healthier path. Many things were easy for me because I had given up many bad things a long time ago (coffee, sugar,salt, bread), however it introduced me to a much healthier lifestyle, and for that I am very happy. I have never seen my face glow this much and my fingers are so thin (less inflammation) that my rings are dancing. I am definitely integrating all these great new foods into my daily life.” PA

“I made the roasted brussel sprouts for dinner last night and they were awesome!! My husband even loved them and he is mainly a meat & potatoes type of guy. I have made quite a few of the recipes and have really liked them all. I will definitely use them regularly when this detox is over. I’ve noticed that I have been sleeping better at night…it has been awhile since I slept the entire night without waking up several times. Very nice 🙂 Overall I am very happy that I did this and to have some new ideas for eating and living healthier…..thank you!! Well….back to work and drinking my superfood smiles smoothie.” ER
“The detox program is amazing, the recipes really tasty and all the follow up you do is a great motivation to keep on going. All very clear and well explained. I love it.” MP

“This is such an eye opening experience. I was determined to do this and love how good I feel and love that my belly is getting smaller each day 🙂 I’ve been reading the comments every day and taking alot from everyone’s sharing. There have been lots of meals and foods on the plan that I love and will keep having them. One of the first things I had was the steamed broccoli & red pepper with tahini dressing which was one of my favorites. And those detox lettuce wraps are delicious. I put the beanless hummus on top. So many foods I don’t think I would have tried and now I will keep having them. Michelle, I am so glad you have given us this opportunity. The next few weeks will be more of the same for me as I try to stay away from some of the foods that aren’t healthy, or the worst ones, like sugar for one.” DM

“Been meaning to get some thoughts to you, Michelle, about the detox experience so far. The first 7 days went by so fast!! Having the day by day meal plans, recipe guide and shopping list were all such a great help in getting organized and staying on track. Pre-detox, I thought I was going to be hungry all the time … but much to my wonderful surprise, I wasn’t! I felt satiated all day, and light, not “weighed down” at all. The recipes are delicious and fresh and refreshing! I love having so many new recipe ideas to incorporate moving forward. I feel light and empowered. I feel less stressed. I am thinking more clearly. My skin is brighter and softer. Emotionally, last week was very difficult for me (with the Boston Marathon tragedy). I was in deep sadness the entire week. You had mentioned that feelings of sadness or depression could emerge through the detox … I don’t know if I was more prone to and deeper into the sadness because of the timing of this. The week was hard to get through emotionally … but when I woke up on Saturday and started about my day, I felt and noticed that I felt SO GREAT. Full of energy. Positive. Just really good. I am so thankful that you have shared your knowledge and have been guiding (us) through this! It has been eye opening. Thank you!!!” NP

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