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So, you want to try something different.


You’re ready to step outside the box.


You’re ready to hop on the Woo train and see where it takes you.

Something’s got you feeling funky and you want to make a change.

Maybe you’ve tried meditating and talking to your BFF about it. You went to the gym and did some journaling but you still can’t shake it! And now, here you are, searching for a new way to get back to feeling like YOU.

The bottom line is: you’re here for a reason.

Whatever’s happening that has you checking out this page can likely be alleviated with support, guidance and energy work.

And honey, I don’t believe in coincidence. You are guided to the people who are meant to help you and if you’ve made it this far and my words are resonating with you, it’s time to reach out, take a chance, and try something new.

You deserve to feel your best. Your ideas deserve the opportunity to come to fruition. Your body deserves to be treated with love and nourished with foods that keep your mind clear and your organs healthy. You are worthy.

I’m currently helping clients release blocks and embrace their inner magic in these ways.

chakra_tuneup190x190Chakra Tune-Ups: These are 90 minute power jams. They are so powerful, I’ve dedicated a whole other page to describe them more in depth. To summarize though, they include coaching around your presenting priority chakra and organ energy and anything specific that is coming up for you. It also includes a energy clearing and healing at the end. You can read more about these over here.

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