3 Reasons To Give Energy Healing A Try


A little over a decade ago, my marriage fell apart.

I remember being at a point where the curtains felt drawn all around me; numb inside and deeply questioning my self-worth, inner beauty and even my potential. I was punishing myself with food (sometimes through elimination, other times with excess) and no longer knew who I was.

This was not how I thought my life or my marriage would be.

One day my mom came to visit, and I saw the heartbreak in her eyes when she looked at me, and could barely recognize her own daughter. It was my rock bottom. That was the moment that flipped the switch, and I knew something had to change. It was time to save myself, and my first step was to leave my marriage.

As always, the Universe provides exactly what we need at just the right time. 

Shortly after my separation, I was presented with an opportunity to receive a Reiki (energy healing) attunement and even though I had no idea what energy healing or Reiki was, the flyer listed off an amazing list of benefits and I figured I had nothing to lose. From dissolving my energy blocks and reducing stress and tension, to tapping into my own intuition and creativity – this was exactly what I was looking for.

  1. You can take it anywhere

I began to understand that Reiki is the purest, highest form of energy from the universal source that gets channeled through the practitioner to the client. And since energy is everywhere and we are all made up of energy, Reiki can reach you whether you are in the same room as the practitioner or relaxing comfortably at home.

Receiving an attunement (or activation) allows you to open up your channel more fully, to allow this energy to flow through you to heal yourself and others. It’s kind of like flipping on a light switch in your home, and once it’s on, you’ll find that you’ll always have it, literally at your fingertips.

I found my inspiration and reignited my spark.

  1. You will become your own hero

From the moment I was activated, I started practicing the self-healing techniques I learned everyday on myself and quickly began to notice that I was starting to feel more at peace and ease. I no longer felt totally out of control over the circumstances in my life.

I also stopped eating emotionally and punishing my body. I was blown away to discover that this powerful tool lies within each of us and it’s just a matter of learning how to tap into it!

I stopped being a victim and took my power back into my hands.

  1. You will find yourself (again)

Finding Reiki was like coming home. It taught me how to transform the negative into positive and how to work through my issues instead of letting fear take over and do nothing. It helped me get back in touch with my own inner power, become aligned with my purpose and most importantly chill out. Knowing that I can use Reiki at any time to help me feel more calm, cool and connected is so empowering.

Instead of feeling helpless or like I have no control over things that may be happening in my life, I learned that I can actually do something to help. Not only did this amazing tool allow me to move forward at a time in life that I had almost given up, it connected me and opened my eyes and heart to a higher purpose and larger vision for myself and the world.

I stopped just existing and started actually living my life.

Thinking back, ever since I was a little girl I could quickly pick up on the “vibe” in a room and tell you if it felt chaotic, angry, buzzing with excitement, or smooth, calm and peaceful. I could always pick-up on other people’s vibe’s easily too, and can tell you if there’s something going on with someone.

Perhaps you do this too and may not even realize it. Have you ever felt someone come up behind you while you were listening to some tunes with your earbuds in, and although you may not have heard them, you felt their presence? Or maybe you’ve walked into a conversation two people were having and could sense some tension? You were picking up on their energy. Energy is everywhere.

The word Reiki translated means, “universal life force energy.” It is the energy that flows through and is in everything from what you and I are made of, to the mountains, trees and cosmos. Reiki attunements provide me with the powerful initiation I needed to connect to that energy. And it changed my life.

Could it change yours too?

Article originally featured on Elephant Journal.

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